The company is located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The company is mainly engaged in one-stop service of R & D, production, equipment modification, installation and sales of automatic packaging machines, quantitative packaging scales, automatic bag loading machines, high-level palletizers and industrial automation control systems. The products developed by the company have obtained a number of national construction patents and have independent foreign import and export rights. In 2013, they were awarded "China Feed Association Member" units, passed the "CE" certification in 2016, and obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate in 2019. ".


The company has a modern office building and superior office environment, as well as a standardized equipment manufacturing workshop, to create a good working environment for employees and create higher efficiency for the enterprise.


The company has strong technical force and high-end processing equipment. Since the establishment of the company, inspired by the spirit of solidarity, pragmatism and innovation, it has won the support and trust of more users with high-quality products and thoughtful services. We will abide by the tenet of "quality satisfaction, customer first" and dedicate to provide our customers with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and thoughtful service.


The company also set up a mobile after-sales team to travel around the country. Once the customer's equipment fails, the company dispatches technicians to the customer's factory for processing to ensure that it arrives at the customer's site in the shortest time to solve customer's worries.


The company's products not only use modern processing technology, but also reached cooperation with Siemens, Yadeke, Chint, Delta, Schneider and other well-known suppliers at home and abroad to make the product quality stable and reliable. Our company's main products are favored and praised by customers for their high technology starting point, excellent product quality, beautiful appearance and simple operation. The company's products are widely used in feed, fertilizer, food, medicine, metallurgy, plastics, mining, building materials, construction, environmental protection, food, chemicals, rubber, light industry, plastics, steel, ports, terminals, storage, petrochemical and other industries. Sales and marketing nationwide, and exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, South America and other countries and regions.


The products of Languang Electromechanical with excellent cost performance, advanced production technology and thoughtful after-sales service have made our company become: New Hope Liuhe Group, Zhengbang Group, Yihai Kerry Group, Haida Group, Tongwei Group, Xiangda Group, Anyou Group, Jiuding Group, Tieqi Lishi Group, Dabeinong Group, Gree Group, Jiangxi Huada Group, Jiangxi Juren Group, Aonong Group, Nongken Group, Zhenghong Group. Suppliers of Liuyanghe Group, Kangdi Group, Jiuxiang Group, Yangxiang Group, Chenming Paper Group, China Aluminum Group, Shandong Haihua Group, Yuntianhua Group and other group units.





Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province


Jiangxi Blueray Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd,adhering to the corporate spirit of "unity, responsibility, hard work and innovation", takes customers as the center and dedication to provide our customers with excellent products and satisfactory services.

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