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Jiangxi blueray full auto 20-50kg animals feed fertilizer packing machine

Product classification:

Full auto packing machine


Jiangxi blueray full auto 20-50kg animals feed fertilizer packing machine

Jiangxi blueray full auto 20-50kg animals feed fertilizer packing machine

Jiangxi blueray full auto 20-50kg animals feed fertilizer packing machine

Product Features

It is suitable for palletizing bagged products in multiple industries such as feed, grain and oil, chemical industry, food, etc. It can achieve automation in shaping, positioning, indexing, grouping, palletizing, palletizing, and transportation of pallets and pallets for bagged products of powdered, granular, block/sheet materials. It also features small floor space, high cost performance, convenient installation, safety, reliability, applicability, and low maintenance costs.


Equipment Introduction

ZDBZ-600 automatic bag-packing machine is a fully automatic packaging equipment developed and produced by our company. The system integrates the functions of automatic bag loading, automatic labeling / certification, automatic hemming, and automatic bag opening, which can realize the automatic and unmanned packaging process of bagged materials. The equipment mainly includes: automatic quantitative scale (optional), automatic bag loading device, automatic bag storage, bag moving mechanism, bag guiding mechanism, automatic folding / sewing machine, automatic labeling machine (optional), finished product conveyor, etc. Mainly complete the automatic packaging process of automatic weighing, automatic bag loading, automatic filling, automatic folding and sealing.


work process:

Place the packaging bag in the bag warehouse → Place the label in the label box → start the operation → The bag picking mechanism automatically sucks the packaging bag → sorting and correcting the conveyance → opening the bag → support bag → bagging (upper bag) → material filling → loose bag / holding bag / Move Bags → Label / Flanging / Seam → Go to the next process (stacking, etc.).



1. Low requirements for packaging bag materials: non-breathable, non-heat-cut woven bags, plastic bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, etc., soft bags and hard bags can be used.

2. The requirements for the uniformity of the placement position of the packaging bag are low: the allowable error in the length direction accuracy: 5-8cm; the allowable error in the width direction accuracy: 3-5cm.

3, can adapt to multi-specification bags: length range: 700cm-110cm width range: 45cm-65cm.

4. Unique and reliable detection technology to completely prevent the material from falling to the ground: Unique and reliable detection technology to ensure that the packaging bag is detected in place, and to prevent the material from falling to the ground because the packaging bag is not in place.

5, perfect and practical detection and alarm reminder functions: with no packaging bags, no labels, broken wires, broken needles, jumpers and other detection and alarm reminder functions.

6. Fault location function: When the equipment fault alarms, the human-machine interface will also prompt the fault point, which can guide the operator to quickly diagnose and deal with it.

7. Artificial auxiliary bagging function: "Manual auxiliary bagging function" can be used for emergency discharge to meet special process requirements such as processing head material and tail material.

8. Remote diagnosis and maintenance function (optional): can remotely diagnose and maintain the use of field equipment, and guide field personnel to quickly and accurately troubleshoot.


Technical Parameters:

project name

Technical Parameters

Equipment model




Total power


Air pressure


Air consumption


Dimensions (length * width * height)


Packing speed

400-500 bags / hour, 500-650 bags / hour

net weight


Packing range

20-50kg bag products

Material of packing bag

Paper bag, airtight woven bag (non-heat cut)

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