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Quantatitive 300-2000kg jumbo bag animal feed packing machine with 15-30 bag/hour

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Product description

Adapted materials:

Feed, grain, fertilizer, mining, plastics, rubber, inorganic salt, port, construction, building materials, oil, sugar, food, light industry, chemical industry, industrial salt, organic fertilizer, river sand and other industries Large bags of material mixtures and irregular materials are automatically and quantitatively packed.


Structural features:

1. Simple and convenient: monolithic structure (non-split structure), simple and quick installation.

2. Control: PLC control (non-single-chip control): strong anti-interference ability, strong adaptability to the environment, stable and reliable performance, convenient maintenance, and no crash during use.

3, function: color touch screen operation interface (non-mechanical keys): generous and beautiful, equipment parameters and simple operation, can query production records, and connect to the customer's computer to print data.

4. Structure: unique mechanical structure, strong stability, long service life and high weighing accuracy.

5. Sealing: Double sealing with sealing ring and gas can effectively control the phenomenon of material caused by the wear of the sealing ring.

6. Accuracy: Different materials are used for different materials, which can effectively control the accuracy of materials

7. Alarm: When the error of the packaging scale exceeds the set allowable error value, an audible and visual alarm is issued. Pressing the "Cancel" key indicates that the error is known, and the following procedure is continued.

8. Count: display the total number of packages that have been packed (excluding manual methods).

9. Dust removal: A dust removal connection is reserved to directly connect the negative pressure in the customer's workshop to prevent dust generated during packaging. If the customer's workshop does not have negative pressure, it is recommended to configure another set of pulse dust collector.

10. Prevent material pile tip: it has the function of pier bag, which can effectively prevent the material pile tip phenomenon and improve the filling factor of the ton bag.

11. Prevent lifting ears from slipping: with hook self-locking function, effectively prevent lifting ears from slipping.

12. Unique heavy bag output device: No matter whether there is a tray under the material bag, it can be smoothly output, effectively avoiding bag jam when there is no tray.

13. Gas storage bag: The device comes with a gas storage bag to prevent the shortage of instantaneous gas supply.


Technical Parameters:


Model specifications




Suitable material

Flaky, granular, irregular materials, mixtures, materials with poor fluidity

Powder or fine particles with good fluidity

Granular or fine-grained materials

Rated weighing




display resolution




Feeding mechanism

Belt feeding

Double spiral feed

Arc door feed

Bag weight error

≤ ±0.1%

≤ ±0.1%

≤ ±0.1%

Packing speed

15-30 bags / hour

15-30bags / hour

15-30bags / hour

Gas pressure




Equipment size




Total power




range of working temperature




Working environment humidity




Voltage frequency




Jumbo/big bag packing machine



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