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Double bucket packaging machine packing scale

Product classification:

Dual weighing hopper packing machine


Double bucket packaging machine packing scale

Double bucket packaging machine packing scale

Double bucket packaging machine packing scale

Product Features

It is suitable for palletizing bagged products in multiple industries such as feed, grain and oil, chemical industry, food, etc. It can achieve automation in shaping, positioning, indexing, grouping, palletizing, palletizing, and transportation of pallets and pallets for bagged products of powdered, granular, block/sheet materials. It also features small floor space, high cost performance, convenient installation, safety, reliability, applicability, and low maintenance costs.


Adapted materials:
Feed (full price feed, concentrate, premix, compound feed, puffed feed, etc.), feed ingredients (soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cotton meal, oil meal, miscellaneous meal, etc.), grain (corn, wheat, sorghum, rice, etc.) , Fertilizer (organic fertilizer for chicken manure, organic fertilizer for pig manure, organic fertilizer for sheep dung, organic fertilizer for mushroom residue and straw, etc.), mining (potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, lithium feldspar, marble, etc.), plastic (PVC pellets, PEA Granules, etc.), rubber, inorganic salts, ports, construction, building materials (cement, calcium carbonate, putty powder, etc.), oils and fats, sugar, food (white sugar, monosodium glutamate, etc.), light industry, chemicals, industrial salts, chemical fertilizers (composite Fertilizers, potassium fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, urea, monoammonium phosphate, calcium superphosphate, etc.), flakes, granules, granules and powder mixtures, irregular materials in industries such as river sand, and automatic quantitative packaging.
Structural features:
1. PLC control replaces traditional single-chip microcomputer control: strong anti-interference ability and adaptability to the environment
Strong, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, no crashes during use.
2. The color human-machine touch screen interface replaces the traditional button-type control panel: generous and beautiful, equipment parameters
And simple operation, can query production records, connect to the client computer and print data.
3. The photoelectric induction automatic thread trimming and sewing machine replaces the traditional foot-operated manual push-type thread breaking: the photoelectric induction control of the sewing machine starts, the automatic thread trimming, the length of the tail thread can be adjusted, and it has a counting function.
4. The squirrel-conveyor roller squirrel cage replaces the traditional round roller: it can prevent the material from being caught between the belt and the roller and causing the belt to run off the scene. The conveyor is equipped with a speed regulation function.
5. Fast, medium and slow three-level frequency conversion feeding can effectively control the accuracy of materials.
6. Out-of-tolerance alarm function: When the error of the packaging scale exceeds the set allowable error value, an audible and visual alarm will be issued. Press the "Cancel" key to accept the error and continue the following procedure.
7. Counting function: display the total number of packaged packages (excluding manual mode).
8. Dust removal connection is reserved: it is directly connected to the negative pressure of the customer's workshop to prevent dust generated during packaging. If the customer's workshop does not have negative pressure, it is recommended to configure another set of pulse dust collector.
working principle
After the dual scale is selected and started, the dual weighing hopper is weighed simultaneously. The material is added to the weighing hopper by the feeding mechanism (pneumatic gate). After the controller receives the weight signal from the sensor, it controls according to the preset program value and starts. When the weight is ≥ (target value-rough measurement value), stop the fast feed signal output and enter the medium speed (medium feed, slow feed simultaneously) feeding; When the weight is ≥ (target value-precise measurement value), stop adding signal output and enter slow (slow feed) feeding; when the weight is ≥ (target value-overshoot value), stop slowly adding signal output and give The material door is completely closed, the fixed value weighing is completed, and the weighing end signal is sent to the PLC at the same time; the PLC comprehensively controls the dual weighing bucket discharge door in sequence according to the sequence of the bagging signal and the weighing end signal of the double weighing bucket. When the bag is opened and closed, the material bag is automatically released and falls on the conveyor belt. After being sent to the sewing machine, the bag enters the next process, and the controller enters the next control cycle.
Technical Parameters:

project name

Technical Parameters

Rated weighing


Weighing speed

400-500 bags / hour (powder), 500-600 bags / hour (particulate)

Air pressure


Installation height

3800mm(Specifically in kind)

Total power

5kW(The specific power depends on the corresponding model selected)

temperature range


Measurement accuracy

±100g(The specific actual error is related to the material characteristics)

Relative humidity


Power supply


Power frequency



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