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Automatic conveying and sewing machine

Product classification:

Bag sewing machine


Automatic conveying and sewing machine

Automatic conveying and sewing machine

Automatic conveying and sewing machine

Product Features

It is suitable for palletizing bagged products in multiple industries such as feed, grain and oil, chemical industry, food, etc. It can achieve automation in shaping, positioning, indexing, grouping, palletizing, palletizing, and transportation of pallets and pallets for bagged products of powdered, granular, block/sheet materials. It also features small floor space, high cost performance, convenient installation, safety, reliability, applicability, and low maintenance costs.


product description:
It consists of a conveyor belt conveyor, a GK35-6A sewing machine, a column, an electromechanical control box for an induction switch, etc., using a photoelectric switch to control the start and stop of the equipment, and an electronically controlled pneumatic automatic cutting line braid, which realizes the bag feeding and seam integration Chemical, suitable for highly automated food, chemical fertilizer, building materials, feed, grain, sugar, chemical, port and other industries bulk materials bag woven bags, cloth bags, kraft bags sewing bags.
1. Automatic start and automatic disconnection.
2. Equipped with a brake motor (the length of the wire head can be adjusted to save the package line, the length of the tail wire is the same, and the appearance is beautiful).
3. It has the function of accumulating and clearing the number of packets, which is convenient for classification and statistics.
4. The speed and height of the belt conveyor can be adjusted, and the position of the sewing machine can be adjusted to adapt to various specifications of packaging bags.
5, can add optional automatic folding machine, automatic labeling machine.
Technical Date:

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Motor Power

Sewing machine 0.37KW, conveyor 0.75KW, folding machine 0.18KW

Sewing machine model

GK35-6A(Fully automatic thread trimming, with counting function)

Conveyor length

3 meters in length (can be lengthened or shortened as required), with speed adjustment function

Sewing machine thread

Cotton thread, polyester thread (double thread)

Air pressure


Stitch pattern

Double wire chain


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