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MDZS-600 Series Intelligent Hand Palletizer Equipment

Product serial number
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Product description
Equipment introduction:
Automatic palletizer is a high-tech product integrated with electromechanical and instrumentation. It is suitable for palletizing of bagged products in various industries such as feed, grain, oil, chemical, and food. , Positioning, indexing and marshalling, palletizing, pallet and pallet conveying are all fully automated, with a small footprint, high cost performance, convenient installation, strong and reliable applicability, and low maintenance costs. The ideal product for enterprise bagged products to realize mechanical automation instead of manual handling.
Palletizer composition:
Inverted flat turn machine (steering machine), climbing conveyor, lower vibration leveling and shaping device, to-be-grabbed device, gripper positioning system, lifting device, empty pallet transport system, full pallet output system and control system
Technical Parameters:

Equipment model


Operating Voltage


Air consumption

0.8 m3 / h

Working air supply pressure


Palletizing speed

450-500 bags / hour

Code packet mode

5 pattern, 6 pattern; or other custom pattern

Tray size

1500*1700mm、1400*1600mm、1500*1500mm(Recommended standard size); or other custom sizes

Palletizer host size (length * width * height)


Power consumption

11.02KW (palletizing host and tray delivery device)





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